Personal Trainer Description

When you enrol in this two months training course, you will enjoy easy-to-follow training including comprehensive videos to support your required textbook and when you are ready, an online exam. Through this coaching course, you will learn exactly how to help your clients reduce and respond appropriately to stressors (both good and bad) for an optimal outcome. You will also be given the vital tools and resources to make a great living working from home, on the road, or from a small office. The choice is yours.

Heart Rate Performance Expert

  • The Amerian Heart Association recommends that you use target heart rates to measure your initial fitness level and monitor your progress in a fitness program.
  • Now you can objectively design (no math, no estimations, and no guesswork) ideal heart rate training zones.
  • Hold your clients accountable by monitoring and evaluating their progress every step of the way, and get better results.
  • Monitor sold separately.

Speed Agility Expert

Make your athletes faster, stronger and more agile. Give your clients a fresh, fun and challenging workout. This is a perfect training program for personal trainers, sports coaches and martial arts conditioning experts. You will enjoy & benefit from this comprehensive training course. You will learn technique, training protocol & proper biomechanics for speed, agility & quickness development for all types of athletes.

Many fitness training programs sacrifice functionality, and overlook optimal movement, to meet a clients aesthetic goals. Now you can gain the high-level knowledge of functional training so you can help your clients improve function and mobility in addition to their aesthetic goals.

Whether the goal is aesthetics or performance, proper functional fitness training will improve both. The main goal of most gym members, or fitness enthusiasts, is how they look more than function. However, function is proven to improve not only sport and work performance, but physical appearance as well. Learn these essential skills and become a top-level fitness professional.

Lifestyle & Weight Management expert

Lifestyle coaching and weight management services are big business. The vast majority of clients hire a trainer or coach for help with lifestyle and weight management concerns. Earn this credential and show you have the needed skills. You will quickly increase your job and career opportunities when you become a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.

This is an accelerated and comprehensive 100% online training course. The image to the right is a representation of the digital education materials. No materials are mailed.

Yoga Instructor

Sport Yoga is a comprehensive yoga teacher training program for yoga enthusiasts, personal trainers, current yoga instructors, and wellness professionals. Learn how you can quickly and easily add yoga to your fitness business and expand your career now.

  • Easier for beginners to perform
  • Faster for instructors to learn
  • Based on Hatha yoga, covers traditional sports stretching